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7th September 1915 (Tue)- 9th RWF War Diary

 7th September 1915 (Tue)- 9th RWF War Diary

  1. Enemy working hard at the end of the old German trench running from Barnton Road to their line. 
  2. 2 wounded

58th Brigade Entry for the same day

  1. Our trench mortars fired on enemy parapet with some effect.
  2. Sandbags and stakes being thrown up.
  3. Enemy reported working hard at there end of the end of old German trench  running from BARTON ROAD to there line.
  4. Patrols during the night brought back some valuable information about ditches in front of our line
  5. Casualties - 2 RWF wounded, 1 Welsh Wounded 


This is now a very dangerous place to be all types of action is going on. 

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