Tuesday, 8 September 2015

5th of Sept 1915 (Sunday)

Entry for 5th Sept 1915 (Sunday) - Festubert

Work continued on dug-outs and communications trench


On the 4th sept 1915 there was heavy rain  so this would have been hard work - Muddy and wet
In addition they would be seen by the germans and being shot at.

Entry for 5th Sept 1915 Brigade Headquarters  

  1. Left company of IND 1 C , came under the fringe of a bomb attach on the orchard, salient (this is an area sticking out of the main trench in IND 2) but no damage was done.
  2. 9th Welsh Regiment(not Sams regiment) relived the 9th Cheshire regiment in IND 1A on the night of 4th/5th.
  3. Relive completed (?)
  4. 01:30 Very bad weather  working continuing on Rothesay Bay communication trench and dugouts (Sams area)
  5. Aeroplane on both sides action during the afternoon
  6. Casulties 2 men - 6th Wiltshire Regiment wounded.

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