Wednesday, 23 September 2015

22nd Sept 1915 (wed) (3 days left before the battle)

22nd September 1915 (Wed) - 9th RWF War Diary

  • 4 wounded. 
  • Our artillery bombarding.

58th Brigade Head Quarters entry for the same day

  • Bombardment been used with far results as his far could be ascertained, but observations from from trench was difficult. The enemy made very little reply to our guns - but dropped some half dozen high explosives shells ( believes to be  ?? 9Th)   on to armaments. 87 Bde RFA  (about 100 yards from BHG)  


  • Cheshire - 1 killed
  • RWF  - 4 wounded
  • Welch - 1 Killed, 1 wounded


Hand drawn map from the 58th Brigade archive

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