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21st Sept 1915 Tue (3 days to go go before battle)

21st September 1915 (Tue) - 9th RWF War Diary

  • Our artillery very active.

58th Brigade Head Quarters entry for the same day

  • Artillery bombardment begins at 5.00 AM and continued throughout the day. Good deal of wire was reported as a cat and our machine guns and rifles fired at intervals throughout the night and prevented the enemy from carrying out any repairs. 
  •  The enemy made very little reply two our bombardment. 


  • Four men wounded of the nine. (9th Welch)


  • None


  • Clearly the germans are being softened up by the bombardment or so it was believed
  • Much focus on ensuring that barbed wire was destroyed but as we will see later this was not the case which had terrible results

  • The men are now aware of the impending battle to come. The noise would be deafening and they would have little sleep.
  • There are 100 Royal Welsh assigned to the battle and the have been given there position.


Equipment and how worn.
Blanket rolled 16 inch wide with two straps and buckles on to the big buckle of braces on shoulders. The end of forward should be next to body.
Haversack. containing iron ration, Completed in its bag also second iron ration, one pair of socks, knife, fork and spoon, towel and soap, fastened to buckle by buckles of brace's underneath the blanket. Two buckles on top of haversack To be drawn under flag up by a piece of string. Waterproof sheet folded same width as a the haversack . 
mess tins which should have food as well, and by jammed with paper to prevent rustling, if necessary, fastened to bolt and haversack with valise Straps on the bolt, through mess tin handle on the two lower buckles at the bottom of the haversack. 
Drinking mug to be carried on fastening strap of water bottle.
Smoke helmet to hang over her left shoulder resting just above water bottle.
One bandolier to be carried slung on each shoulder. 
Water bottle, entrenching implement, bayonet and scabbard as usual.

Image of dress code 

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