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20th Sept 1915 (Monday) 5 DAYS BEFORE THE BATTLE

20th September 1915 (Mon)- 9th RWF War Diary

  • The 9th R. W. Fus. Moved into IND I (b) occupying the trenches from Barton Road to Fife Road.
  • The 9th Welsh on our right, and the 9th Cheshire's and the 6th Wilts being in Brigade Reserve.

58th Brigade Head Quarters entry for the same day

  • In view of forthcoming operations, 56 Bde took over IND.1C subsection and portion of IND.1B (as far as BARTON ROAD)
  • 9 RW Fusiliers moved into IND.1B, occupying from BARTON ROAD to FIFE ROAD.
  • 9th Welsh took over occupying from BATON ROAD to GRENADIER ROAD
  • 9th Cheshire moved back to intermediate line
  • 6th Wilts moved to NORTHERN Point(?)
  • The relief was carried out without a hitch
  • conference of Commanding Officers was needed for there attention when the PLAN for the forthcoming operation was explained and discussed 
  • The instructions were finally prepared that night and to be ..... early on the 21th


  • Nothing recorded

  • See above

  • Things are starting to move along a pace now and the battalions are moved into position for the action in 5 days time

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