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14th September 1915 - 11 days to go before battle

 14th September 1915 (Tue)- 9th RWF War Diary

11 days to go before the Battle of Loos

  • Employed occasionally in working parties.

58th Brigade Head Quarters entry for the same day

  • Enemy shelling on our Front at A3 and 5D also  XXXXX of LEES KEEP 
  • He also opened MG (machine gun) and rifle fire against IND 1A and shrapnel about A.3.C.3.7
  • About 9:40pm prevouse veneing on XXXX at A3C3.2 fired at and KILLED a patrol of 4 Germans.
  • Belonged to 57th Regiment which has been in our front line for some time 
  • at 2am everything opened!, Rifle MG and shrapnel fire against IND.1.C 
  • Was Silenced by our artillery


Lieut C F King - 9th cheshire, 1 man killed 9th Cheshire

  • None

  • A Very lively day and night!

Examples of what the shelling was like and what Sam would have seen

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